George Metropoulos McCauley
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The sources and influences for my work are complex and varied. I grew up in a Greek-American home steeped in the mystical traditions of Greece, paralleled by life in the deep South. My first art course came during my freshman year in undergraduate school in 1967. Until that time I had not even seen a potter’s wheel. At that point my life took a most important turn. A class in ceramics set me on a path from which I have yet to deviate. I developed a strong work ethic and interest in process during my years supplementing my income as a third generation carpenter. These skills are an important component in whatever I do, whether making art, cooking, gardening, doing carpentry or just living a life.

Most important, ritual, mysticism, the folk arts, my heritage as a Greek, and experiences from my travels have played an increasingly prominent roll in my work. Although I am primarily a ceramic artist I work in other materials as well usually wood and metal, and typically I combine these in some fashion. Without regard to media or object, my work is a personal narrative, an expression of my feelings. While not making social commentary in an overt way there is some message to be found. I am aware that this approach is specific and not always evident to the viewer. That is, however, not a deterrent to my process.

With consideration of ceramic history, the folk arts, ritual and mythology I continue to rely on my own work for inspiration.

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